Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Time marches on....

Many things have changed since the last time I posted and I realize that maybe I should be better about upkeep. My life has gone through so many changes.Here are the highlights:

- I have been with the same government agency for the past 4 years. I have enjoyed the learning and growth and the job security is awesome. I am blessed to be able to work from home which is probably the best perk ever.

- Allison graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts. She is attending Riverside Community College with plans to transfer to a 4 year university. She also currently is working for Amazon and just bought her first car..a Toyota Corolla.

- Teresa is in 11th grade and has found a love of playing Water polo. She finished her personal progress at church and enjoys her time with her friends.

- Matt has still been attending special schools for autistic children however, this year for 7th grade he is being reintegrated into a regular middle school in special Ed classes. He has math class at the middle school right now and loves it. He has grown so much and it as tall as Allison already. Everyone says he looks just like me so I figure he will easily be as tall as my brother and dad.

- Alicia is in the 4th grade. She has had some challenges learning to read but she has an awesome teacher this year and we have a plan so hopefully she can catch up. She still loves to sing and dance. There are no really good children's theater groups in Riverside that do not cost a fortune so she sings on the playground and the church choir.

-I was able to complete a Bachelors Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management at Ashford University. I then decided to go a step further and I also completed my Master's degree in Public Administration at Ashford University. I walked in the graduation ceremony when I got my master's degree.

I did two color runs... the first with Alicia and some of my friends and the second with my family. We went on a New year's Day hike at the Historic Citrus park. This summer we also had adventures like a nerf war with friends, visiting some of the temples, learning and trying new things and just having fun as a family.

So many things have changed, Jim and I separated in March and are in the process of a divorce. But right now I just focus on being the best mom I can and figuring out as a single parent how to navigate this new life. I have faith though that the kids and I are on the right path and headed for great things. I am trying to teach them how to weather the storms, dance in the rain and just not let the trials of life weigh them down.

There have been so many blessing and wonderful supportive friends that I am excited to see what is to come and where the lord is going to lead my little family.

Overdue update

It has been quite while since I blogged. So much has happened and here is the readers digest version.

My mom died on October 12,2012. I was with her when she passed. It was very peaceful and I know that her parents and othrr lived ones met her as she left this life. It was a whirlwind Utah trip but she was
laid to rest in the Manti Ut cemetary next to her parents.

Sadly at the beginning of October my dad was hospitalized and although he pulled through and seemed to be getting better, he passed away on October 20,2012. We were devastated but I guess sometimes you just can't live apart from someone you love.

I changed jobs in June of 2012. I now work for Immigration and have learned so much. I attended a six week training in january and February of 2023. Such a great experience.

We bought a house in Riverside.Lots of searching and a difficult house hunt but it paid off and we have a house thst suits the needs of our family. I now work from home and love it.

Jim still commutes to Irvine but is actively looking for other opportunities closer to home.

Allison decided to finish High School at OCSA. She loves costuming, fashion design and theatre makeup classes.
She has her learners permit and begs to drive all the time.

Teresa goes to Miller Middle School. She is in the play the Wizard of Oz and loves performing in the band.

Matt attends a special school in Riverside for autistic children. He is doing well and even gave a talk in the children's class at church, and he wrote the talk with only minor help.

Alicia is a busy first grader. She loves school. She loves to play outside on her scooter.

They are all looking forward to being in the play Suessical over the summer and getting more time in our pool.

We added a new family member at christmas. He is a four year old white maltiepoo. Santa brought him to our famiky and none of us can remember what life was like before he came. He is very playful and loves stealing socks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So just another day in paradise....So much has happened and I have been super busy, much to busy to blog...but here you go. This is the update:

**Mom went into a facility that can better care for her...very good for all of us. Living together and being the caregiver was not working.

**I decided to figure out why my foot was hurting and fix the problem...Well it ended up being bursitis in my foot. So the doctor wants we to stay off it for 6 weeks...With four kids and two parents to care for it is not an easy task. SO far I am 3 weeks in and have less pain but I knwo I am far from cured...just need to remember not to do things. I am actually missing I gotta get this better!!!

**Matt has been moved to a special school that is much better for him. There is more structure and more accountability for him. He is doing extremely well and everyone is happy. Now if we can make the same progress at church it would be perfect. I struggled alot with him going to the new school. I felt like I had failed as a parent but I realized that he needed to move to progress. He know is learning and growing and he is sooo happy.

**The girls had a great time in the Tom sawyer play. ALicia is perfectly at home on the stage. They are now practicing for The Wiz where Allison has a awesoem part that she is very excited about. Alicia and teresa are in it as well as part of the ensemble and they will both be auditioning for Charlottes web.

**Jim applied for a higher position at his place of employement and we are waiting to see if they give it to would be a nice pay raise.

**I applied to be a supervisor and am still waiting to hear form Immigration..I wish they would just decide to hire me. THat would be so nice.

Current craziness is my messy house that I cannot clean becuase I cannot stand on my foot. My keys are lost somewhere in my house and I cannot find them..I am praying that I can find them soon. Oh and I found the joy that is Pinterest!!!m

As for my goals they are just there and I will do an update soon.

Love ya all,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out of Town...

Yesterday I left on my trip to Utah to help my mom go through her stuff and get the house ready to rent.

We left at 10:30amd and arrived at 7:30 in the snow...not really heavy snowfall but I had a hard time getting my van to go up the driveway!!!

The trip was rather uneventful but of course things at home never are.

Matthew had a hard day at school and jim had to go calm him down.

We have found out that Teresa cannot be dropped off at 7:30 am...I am trying to locate an alternate option.

Allison and Alicia had different rehearsal times so there was some back and forth to the theatre.

Jim is tired already!!

I surveyed the situation up here and I actually think we are in better shape than I thought. Don't get me wrong there is lots to go through and sort. Although mediating between my parents is not fun.

I knew it would be hard to be away from my family, but I never knew how hard it would be to not be able to go the school when Matt needs me....

I guess it is time to do a project 52 update.... Maybe over the next couple days...gotta get packing!!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

The goings and comings...

This has been an interesting week...Everyone but Jim got a 24 hour flu. It was not fun and really put me down for the count. The good part was I probably lost some weight during the weekend and my appetite is still very small. The worst part was I couldn't call in from work because I didn't want to get into trouble. Yes they would write me up and I really just do not want to be called into the office AGAIN!So I went and felt least I was past the puking part and I was just super tired.

Oh and I am still waiting to hear if I get the job I interviewed for...waiting SUCKS!!!

Allison has finals this week so she gets out early from school... I amhoping that it translates into her helping me more.

Teresa got cast as Ensemble for Eeyores Birthday party and will also be the Understudy for Owl.

Matthew has decided that he prefers Diet Dr. Pepper because then Grandpa won't drink it...he thinks it is sneaky.

Alicia got cast as a fish in the Tom sawyer play and so her theatre career has begun.

Jim is excited for a few days off this week and the ability to spend time with his dad.

My parents are up to their normal mischief. It is hard to meet the needs of so many people in one house.

We got a new sofa and I got lots fo organizing done in the garage last week so when I get back from UT I will be doing tons of scrapbooking out there. Let me know if you want to come scrapbook with me and I will set up a table for you as well.

This is my life in the sandwich generation!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 52(well actually Project 30)

This is my version of the Project 52. I lowered the number to 30 in the hopes that I can accomplish them all and most require more than one time to finish.

So here are my goals for the year:

Project 30

1. Get mom’s house cleaned out
2. Get higher position at work(Applied)
3. Reorganize garage(can't do this, till I get rid of mom's stuff)
4. Deep clean each room upstairs(0/4)
5. Clean carpets upstairs
6. Deep clean car
7. Blog once a month(3/12)
8. Upload pics for Lisa
9. Catch up Lisa’s albums
10. Get an Iphone
11. Go on 10 Dates with Jim (2/10)
12. Put together my New York 3d puzzle
13. Send out Christmas cards
14. Sew bedspread for my bed
15. Heal my foot
16. Get video camera fixed
17. Get my van fixed(half done)
18. Catch up my albums
19. Finish 10 of my university classes (2/10)
20. Paint downstairs bathroom
21. Paint Stairwell
22. Paint upstairs hallway
23. Get rid of extra toys
24. Create Personal Progress Plan for Teresa
25. Help Teresa Finish Faith in God
26. Help Allison finish her goals
27. Repaint Bike for Teresa
28. Practice piano Hymns twice a week(0/104)
29. Clean out coat closet
30. Swap out refridgerator

Because Life some goals needed to be changed and right now some cannot be completed due to my injury....gotta recover faster!!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So much to do

I realized that my trip to Utah is two weeks away and I have done very little to prepare. I still have christmas stuff up at my house cause I have no energy to put it away. I need to create schedules and do a deep cleaning...maybe I should also pack!!

So recently I am waiting to hear about new jobs and I was pretty discouraged because at my current location it seems like it doesn't matter if I leave or not. I want to be less disposable and I want to figure out how to do that. I may be going fulltime within the next few months, so that will be a interesting change.

Tomorrow night I have a planning meeting for the Church activities committee..and I have no clue what activities to plan...suggestions would be helpful. I really want to helpt eh women learn how to ask for help when they need it and also learn the importance of serving others...

January seems to be a great month...lots to look forward to....liked WICKED at the Pantages!!!